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best workouts to get toned-How To Tone WITHOUT Getting Bulky

best workouts to get toned.

best workouts to get toned Get a toned and lean body FAST:

Hey, it’s Lil’ Mike and today I expose the myth about women and weight training. You’ll learn the truth behind the difference between bulking and toning. You’ll also learn why you need to use resistance training to burn off belly fat and get a toned body.

Video breakdown:

0:20 Many women believe that by doing resistance or weight training, they will get huge and muscular. This is not true at all, not only is it against a females genetics to build huge muscles, you have to realize that building muscles is very hard to do.

0:40 What women will get by weight training:

– Toned arms
– Flat tummy
– Toned legs
– Perky butt

Here’s why women will not gain muscles like men do. Women prodcue more estrogen and males produce testosterone. Testosterone is the key to building muscles and since women have very low testosterone levels, vey low amount of muscles will be built.

1:24 What about those women who are huge and muscular, what happened to them?

Well, they train very hard (must give them credit for hard training) and they are probably taking a outside source testosterone such as steroids or pro-hormones. And for those women who swear that they do not take steroids, they are simply consuming a ton of calories and doing all mass building exercises for years and years.

3:12 To get a toned and shapely body, stick to basic squats, mountain climbers and other bodyweight exercises.

So feel comfortable doing our body weight and even weight training exerceis and get your body dead-sexy. ­čÖé

3:40 Heres a demonstration of some good exercise to do.

– Squats
– Kneel kick backs
– Pushups
– Dips

And if you want to get a lean and athletic body FASTER, watch this video.

In this video, you’ll see that I didn’t always have a flat stomach. To be honest, I was always so embarrassed about being overweight and having so much belly fat. It wasn’t until I discovered this 1 workout trick that finally help me get rid of my belly fat and get the lean athletic body I’ve always wished for.

Check out this video now and learn this 1 workout trick that helped me get the lean athletic body so It can help you too.

Train Hard,

-Lil’ Mike

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How To Tone WITHOUT Getting Bulky
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