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Quick Workout For A Great Toned Bum | Danielle Peazer-toned bum

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toned bum Danielle is back on ICON UK with a workout to shape your bum! It’s really quick, but it’s so effective and it will lift and tone the area. What area do you want to see Danielle target next? Let us know in the description box below.

Hair & makeup by L’Oréal Paris.

This video may not be suitable for beginners, so please read the advice below.

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Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. The following exercise program may result in injury. Before attempting a new exercise, consider issues including your flexibility, strength and overall health. Consult a fitness expert before attempting the program. If at any point during the program you begin to feel physical discomfort, stop immediately and consult a physician. Endemol is not responsible for any injuries you sustain from participating in this exercise program.

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Quick Workout For A Great Toned Bum | Danielle Peazer
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